2020 Harvest Cup

Freeballers FC is now playing in the 2020 Harvest Cup in Casa Grande, AZ, October 24-26.

[Map of Facilities]

Tournament Schedule

Final Round Schedule for Harvest 2020

[Harvest 2020 Final Schedule]

We are scheduled for the following games on Monday:

  1. Sunday 10/26/2020 at 10:05 AM, Field 3 versus International USA

Meet at the fields, 30 minutes before the game.

[Field Map]

I will ensure the Freeballers calendar and our schedule at TeamSnap is updated if the tournament organizers make any changes to the schedule.

If in doubt go to https://freeballers.org to stay updated.

What to Bring

Even though uniforms are provided, you will need your own white socks. Additionally the red shorts we have run a little small, so you may want to bring your own red shorts if you fear you may look a little 1970s in smaller shorts. In case of a uniform conflict, we also suggest to bring white shorts.

The following clothing items are recommended:

  1. White soccer socks (essential).
  2. Red soccer shorts.
  3. White soccer shorts.

No seating or water will be provided by the tournament organizers, and the organizers insist that everyone drinks their own water. The organizers also want users to take covid-19 precautions when not playing.

So please bring the following to the games:

  1. Your own water.
  2. Your own hand sanitizer.
  3. Face mask for when you are not playing (tournament rules).
  4. Chair for sidelines and relaxation area.
  5. Shade, like a tent or umbrella (if you have it) for sidelines and relaxation area.

Team Meeting

We will have an organizational team meeting 10/23/2020 8:30 PM at 3255 S Laguna Dr Chandler, AZ 85248.

[Map for Meeting Place]

Please keep in mind risks related to the current covid-19 pandemic and follow CDC guidelines during all social interactions.


We are organizing the team primarily through the TeamSnap app. Apps are available for iOS and Android. Please consider installing the app to get push alerts and fingertip access to team info.

Team Relaxation Area

Freeballers FC has reserved Relaxation Area 28 at the 2020 Harvest Cup, at the south end of the complex.

[Map for Relaxtion Area 28]

Please bear in mind that chairs will not be provided by the tournament organizers. On that note, water will not be provided by the tournament organizers either. We will attempt to have shade available at the relaxation area.

Official Roster

Our roster page with the Harvest 2020 organizers is here.

[Jersey Numbering]


For more information about this tournament contact us at harvest2020@freeballers.org.